The Jobs endpoint in the Applicant Tracking System API is used to manage the jobs across the hiring platform.


The Jobs API allows you to create and manage these resources easily.

As you can see in the Job Filter (in the top right corner of your Jobs list), ATS Anywhere supports three statuses for a Job - Online, Offline, and Archived. An Online Job is a job that is one that is both active and visible to applicants. And Offline job is one that is not visible to applicants, but are still being managed. Archived is for jobs that you are completely done taking action with.

Additionally, jobs may be marked as hidden through the "Advanced Options" section of the Job Edit page. A job that is hidden will still be open to applicants, but not be publicly visible.


Querying Collections

Querying the collections associated with these grouping are available through a few different endpoints listed below:

The jobs/active endpoint will return all jobs that are currently active (both hidden and publicly available jobs)
The jobs/active_visible endpoint will return all jobs that are both active and not hidden
The jobs/hidden endpoint will return all jobs that are active and currently hidden
The jobs/archived endpoint will return all jobs that are Archived.