The Users endpoint in the Applicant Tracking System API is used to manage the accounts of all users who have hiring access to the system. These would include users such as hiring managers, account administrations, general managers, etc.

From within the ATS itself, you can access the users administration section by going to "My Account" => "Account Details", and then clicking on the "Users" icon within that portal.


You will then see the same user data as is available through the API, providing the ability to add new hiring managers, edit permissions, and update user contact information.


Users with an Admin Level below Admin can have their access restricted to only specific job or sites (the latter only applies if the account uses a multi-site setup). This can be seen in the UI (screenshot below), and also managed through the API using the assigned_job_ids and assigned_site_ids properties.


Managing the user's access to specific sites and jobs in the UI.

As you begin development work with our Users API, feel free to check in on that section of the ATS to ensure that all User data is being managed correctly.

Admin Levels

The names of the admin levels shown in the UI differ from the names used in the API.

API LevelUI Level
AccountOwnerAccount Owner
ReadOnlyRead Only