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The authentication scheme implemented is HTTP Basic Authentication over HTTPS using an API Key and password. You must access our API over HTTPS, not HTTP.


HTTP is not supported by the API. We require HTTPS to ensure that your credentials are not exposed in transit.

Get an API Key and Password

To access our API you must have an API Key and password. If you are new to ATS Anywhere and want to use our API in your project you'll first need to create an account. Sign up for an ATS Anywhere account.

Authentication Request

https://{API Key}:{Password}
URL Placeholders Description
{ API Key} API Key from “Account Details -> API” page.
{ Password } API Password from “Account Details -> API” page.
{ API Endpoint } This is a placeholder for the endpoint you want to make a request to.

Error Responses

Error Response Description
403 FORBIDDEN The request was refused because the provided authorization credentials do not grant sufficient privileges.


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