Automate Sending an Email Template

This action allows you to automate the sending of an email template whenever a user changes the status of an applicant in the applicant tracking software platform. This helps streamline communication and ensures that applicants receive timely updates based on their application status.

Action Type

  • send_email_template

Required Data

  • template name: This will be the exact name of the message template shown in the UI.
  • status : The applicant status that will trigger the action to take place.

Example Request Payload

  "event_type": "app_status_updated",
  "action_type": "send_email_template",
  "data": {
  	"template_name": "This is the name of the template!"
    "conditions": { "if": { "and": { "==": [{ "app": "status" }, "ADD STATUS HERE"] } }}}


  • Account level credentials will need to be utilized for this trigger.
  • Any changes made to the template or status names in the UI will affect the trigger. You will need to update the trigger with the new status and/or template names accordingly.