Automatic Interview Workflow


Using triggers, you can implement a workflow where an applicant is sent an interview invitation any time their status is updated to the value of your choice.

Event Type

  • app_status_updated

Action Type

  • create_interview

Required Data

  • email The admin user’s email. The interview will be sent from the calendar of this user.
  • duration Length of interview in minutes.
  • location Location of interview. Either a physical address or “Remote” for an online Interview.
  • minimum_notice Minimum notice for which an applicant can schedule in interview in minutes.
  • available_days_length Amount of calendar days available for the applicant to schedule the interview.
  • add_conferencing Boolean true for an online interview or false for an in-person interview. The admin user’s default conferencing profile will be used if set to true.

Optional Data

  • additional_attendee_emails An array of additional admin user emails who will attend the interview.


  • { "app": "status" } The status value that will trigger an interview to the applicant.

Example Request Payload

# POST /api/v1/triggers

  "event_type": "app_status_updated",
  "action_type": "create_interview",
  "data": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "additional_attendee_emails": ["[email protected]"],
    "duration": 30,
    "location": "Remote",
    "minimum_notice": 1440,
    "available_days_length": 30,
    "add_conferencing": true
  "conditions": {
    "if": {
      "and": {
        "==": [{ "app": "status" }, "Ready for Interview"]


Once the trigger is created, any time an applicant's status is set to "Ready for Interview", they will automatically be sent an interview invitation.