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Who is the API for?

We created the API to give software engineers an easy way to work with our application. You can create customized solutions that work best for your specific use case by integrating our RESTful APIs into your software projects. We make this a seamless process by providing client libraries developers need to make API calls in many popular software languages including: C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.

If client libraries don’t cover everything needed for the project you’re working on, you can connect with the API directly by making the HTTP calls in the language of your choice. You can explore our API interactively here (menu option API Endpoints), or you can use tools like Postman or cURL. If you’d like to explore the API interactively here, you must be logged in to your account.


When you use cURL, you may need to add the -L option. This allows cURL to automatically follow 301 Moved Permanently redirects. We use existing standards to simplify integration. Our API supports the use of JSON.

Each request should specify:

  • Content-Type header: application/json; charset=utf-8, and
  • Accept header: application/json

Who is the API for?

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