Send an Applicant to an Integration


When an applicant is marked as hired via the UI, the record is automatically sent to your HRIS integration if one exists. This action allows you to manually send an applicant to your connected integration. This action may be useful if:

  1. You marked an applicant as hired via API, in which case the record would not be automatically sent to an integration.
  2. You wish to re-send an applicant record to an integration.

Note: This action will only execute if the applicant has been marked as hired.

Action Type

  • send_app_to_integration

Required Data

  • app_id The id of the applicant for which to send to your HRIS integration.
  • partner The name of your HRIS integration.

Optional Data

  • admin_user_id The id of the admin user to be recorded as sending the applicant to the integration.

Example Request Payload

  "type": "send_app_to_integration",
  "data": {
  	"app_id": 3640,
    "partner": "Sample HRIS Partner"


Upon execution of the action, the applicant record will be sent to your HRIS integration, provided that the applicant has been marked as hired.