Email Notification Sent to User for Every Offer Letter Signed

Enhance your recruitment workflow by setting up a trigger that automatically sends an email notification to a user on the account every time an offer letter is signed. This trigger ensures that all relevant stakeholders are promptly informed of important milestones, regardless of whether they are listed as the hiring manager for the job. By automating these notifications, you can keep your team updated in real-time, improve coordination, and ensure a smooth hiring process. In this guide, we'll show you how to configure this useful trigger in your ATS.

Event Type

  • offer_letter_signed

Action Type

  • send_offer_letter_signed_email

Required Data

  • email- This will be the email address that you want the notification sent to each time an offer letter is signed.

Example Request

  "event_type": "offer_letter_signed",
  "action_type": "send_offer_letter_signed_email",
	"data" : {


  • To receive the notification, the email must be listed as a user on the account.
  • Account level API credentials should be used for this trigger.