Managing Users via API

Importing and managing hiring managers and other admin users is easy via the ATS Anywhere API.


To create and update custom field schemas, you'll need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • ATS Anywhere account
  • API Access enabled with a valid API key

Step 1: Understanding users and roles

The User Management section of ATS Anywhere can be found by going to the "My Account => Account Details => Manage Users" page. From here, you will see the options to add and edit users, as well as change their user roles. These same functions are available through the API.


Step 2. Understanding Admin Levels & Permissions

Currently, it is possible to manage permissions in details through the user interface, as seen in the screen below. At this time, there is no API to set granular permissions, though setting the high level role through the API is possible


The User API supports setting users to either of five different roles, each of which comes with its own default permission set:

  • AccountOwner - Can perform all account actions. There can only be one Account Owner, and every company must have a designated Account Owner.
  • Admin - Can perform all administrative actions, aside from a few kinds of destructive actions (an example of which would be deleting an applicant record), and some restricted tasks such as administering the Account Owner.
  • Basic - In the UI, this is called an Manager. By default, they can perform a restricted subset of the actions that an Admin can take. Restrictions include not being able to manage billing or edit account templates.
  • Limited - In the UI, this is called a Reviewer. By default, they have a more restricted set of permissions than an Admin, and cannot take such actions as editing job postings or sending out offers to applicants.
  • ReadOnly - In the UI, this is called Read-Only. As the name suggests, they cannot add or edit any data.

Important Note: Because of the conditions around a single account owner, it is important that if the account owner needs to be changed that it be done via a single API call to update the desired user to have the admin_level of AccountOwner. This will automatically demote the existing account owner, so there is no need to change that user beforehand. Trying to demote the existing account owner via API will return an error, as it would leave the company in a state of not having a designated Account Owner.

Step 3. Performing User Management Actions via API

Technical documentation on using our Users API can be found here: